marina kakias

Marina Kakias

Entrepreneur + Lifestyle Blogger

Marina Kakias is an in instagrammer turned lifestyle blogger, sharing her personal style, beauty tips and travel stories. She studied psychology, with a passion for helping and understanding other people.

“I always wanted to motivate and inspire others. Especially my family and friends. Now I feel a duty to inspire also my followers, make them  feel confident and follow their dreams. I try to motivate first and foremost myself, never put a minute of my time into something I am not passionate about. My moto in life is ‘SLEEP WITH A DREAM, WAKE UP WITH A GOAL’. Everything on my blog is a true reflection of me, myself and I, haha ;) Always flirty with life and humorous.”

Marina is an educated consumer and make up addict, she loves to share all her favorite products and lifestyle. Her blog, instagram profile and all her social media platforms connect deeply with viewers by giving updated tricks and hacks about everyday life and things she loves. A passionate, although amateur photographer with a curious and adventurous spirit. She is obsessed with traveling and exploring new places, so as to give as much inspiration as possible to many flawless people out there.